Molding Product Knowledge Videos


Moldings 101
A basic description of various types of moldings Artistic Finishes offers, and where/how you would use them.
Color Blending at the Jobsite: Flooring and Moldings
Bill Treiber explains the importance of sorting your flooring on the job-site in order to acheive the best blend between the manufacturers flooring and Artistic Finishes accessories.
Engineered Stair Nose Intro
We will be introducing our new Engineered Stair Nose at TISE 2019. Bill Treiber, our Technical Sales & Education Manager, gives you an overview of this exciting new product.
ADA Compliant Accessories
Are you curious which transitions are ADA compliant? Bill Treiber, Artistic Finishes’ Technical Sales & Educational Manager, will explain which of our transitions fall under ADA compliance and which profiles may not.
Laminates Gone High-Tech
Laminates have gone high-tech and Bill Treiber of Artistic Finishes, Inc. will explain to you the characteristics of the new laminate flooring options in the market.
Flush vs. Overlapping Flooring Accessories
Learn from Technical Sales and Education expert, Bill Treiber, who discusses the importance of knowing when you use and overlapping flooring accessory verse a flush flooring accessory.
European Style Stair Nosing
Learn the difference between a traditional stair nose and a European style stair nose, which is growing in popularity.
Molding Maintenance
Learn the best practices for cleaning and maintaining your flooring transitions.
Modern Flooring Accessories
Jon Namba and Bill Treiber share which flooring accessories can be utilized to create a modern look for your projects, what defines modern, and how adding this simple touch can completely enhance the look of a room while keeping it on trend.
Flooring Accessories Transitions
Are flooring moldings and accessories an oversight for your customers orders? Learn more from Bill Treiber, Technical Sales and Education Manager.
LVT and LVP Accessories
Learn more about our accessories for Luxury Vinyl Tile and Luxury Vinyl Plank floors.