Installation Videos


Enduracor Wall Base Installation 
Watch as Bill, our Technical Sales & Education Manager, shows you how easy it is to install our Enduracor wall base on the wall. 


3/8" Flush Vent Install
Through this video, Bill Treiber will share tips and tricks to installing a 3/8" flush mount vent with your 3/8" hardwood floor. 


Enduracor Stair Nose Install with Multi-layer Flooring
In this video, Bill Treiber will walk you through how to install our Enduracor stair nose (288) with a multi-layer floor. Learn how to measure properly and make the right cuts. 


Enduracor Installation 
Through this video, Bill Treiber will explain the proper way to install our Enduracor WPC Veneer Wrapped accessories. Proper adhesive placement, do's and don'ts, and some recommended installation accessories. 


Click Stair Nose Installation
Learn three different ways to install Click Stair Nosing. Depending on if the tongue and groove line up or not, Bill will go through how to modify the stair nose to install it properly.
Wood Vent + Damper Installation
Whether your project needs a flush or surface mount vent, we recommend using a damper to help control airflow. Bill Treiber will show you how to install a easy guide damper as well as the traditional box damper. 
Flooring Dent + Scratch Repair Tips
Repair and restore your beat up floors. Bill recommends a few products he has used to help fill dents, repair chips and mask scratches. 
Stair Nose Installation
Our Mini Adjustable Stair Nose is simple to install and is versatile. Learn how to install it to accommodate floor thicknesses from 2mm-20mm from Technical Sales and Marketing Manager, Bill Treiber. 

NWFA Expo Demo Theater - Stair Nose Installation Tips

Learn about stair nose installation techniques from Artistic Finishes’ Technical Sales and Education Manager, Bill Treiber. He covers new products on the market, recommended products for installation, plus tips and tricks to ensure a durable, professional looking stair nosing installation job.
Using Riser Material for Skirtboard
Sourcing the right size of skirtboard material can be cumbersome, but Technical Sales and Education Manager, Bill Treiber, will show you have to use custom ordered riser material as skirtboard.

Painting Your Trim
Looking to revamp the trim for your project? Bill will give you all the details from which prep products to use to sheen matching tricks.