Product Knowledge Videos


Enduracor Product Knowledge
Learn the ins and outs of our Enduracor WPC Veneer Wrapped products. The current product offering, what it is made of and how we still achieve the blend you are looking for. and have come to expect with Artistic Finishes.
Wood Vents
Blending floor vents to your floor can be difficult. Jon Namba and Bill Treiber cover the hardwood vent options that Artistic Finishes provides its customers + basic tips when choosing the right vent for the space.
        Why European White Oak?
European Oak is a hot trend in the flooring world. Learn what makes this product so desirable and how this look is achieved with the help of Jon Namba and Bill Treiber.
European White Oak Trend
Technical Education and Sales Manager, Bill Treiber, goes over what makes European White Oak such a popular species of wood in recent years.
Flush vs. Overlapping Flooring Accessories
Learn from Technical Sales and Education expert, Bill Treiber, who discusses the importance of knowing when you use and overlapping flooring accessory verse a flush flooring accessory.
        How EDI Simplifies Your Business
Bill Treiber and Jon Namba talk about the benefits of EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) and how it can save YOUR company time and money.
EDI Discussion with Jon Namba
Bill Treiber and Jon Namba talk about the benefits of EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) and how it can save YOUR company time and money.
Exotic vs. Indigenous: Species Substitutes 
Learn which species are popular right now and how to decide if you want to use exotic or an indigenous hardwood species. Bill will go over which species can be swapped out to save on cost & be environmentally friendly.
True vs. False Starter Step
There are two ways to do a starter step. 1. You can install a true starter step where you start from scratch or 2. You can update a set of stairs and just reconstruct the the tread portion. Learn from Bill Treiber about the difference from a starter step perspective.
        Blending Wood Floor Vents to Distressed Floors
Bill will share how to make sure your wood floor vents blend in with your distressed wood floors, and some simple techniques you can use to achieve the look your customer is looking for upon installation.
        Flush vs. Overlap Accessories for Floating or Glue Down Floors
There are a few key components to know when installing a floor. Depending on if the floor will be floated or glued down, Bill will share how to decide which transitions and accessories to use for your project.