Enduracor™ Flush Vent (made from your flooring)

We are proud to present our new Enduracor™ Flush Vent to help complete our product offering for vinyl floor applications.  It's an exact match to your flooring because it is your flooring! 

The Enduracor™ Flush Vents are available in 2x, 3x, and 4x10 and 12 sizes under the Enduracor™ product lines on the View Product pages. 

Ordering these vents will require flooring plank cutoff(s) shipped FREE to Artistic Finishes for manufacturing.  (We will send you a FedEx label once we have received your order.)

We will manufacture the vent and then ship it back to you with a universal damper/support and installation instructions.  Check out a quick video on how to install these vents in only minutes.

If you haven’t ordered it already, we recommend ordering our universal vent template in either metal or MDF for cutting the vent opening more accurately.  Click here on Installation Accessories to take you to the page to add it to your order.

Please follow these simple instructions for submitting your flooring planks:

1.  Completely fill out the Flooring Plank Submittal Form and attach it to your flooring, as well as email a copy to  Click the Flooring Plank Submittal form here to print now.

2.  Submit enough material for the # of vents ordered:  
     *Planks must be at minimum 7" wide - Cutoffs must be 17-20" long max.
     Send 3 cutoffs of flooring for every 2 vents ordered 
          1-2 vents = 3 cutoffs 
          3-4 vents = 6 cutoffs 
          5-6 vents = 9 cutoffs

3.  Clearly mark each cutoff with the color name and AFI color #!

Do NOT ship full length plank material!

Your order will be on hold until material is received.  
Lead times will update once material has arrived.

4.  Our team will send a FedEx label to use to ship the product to us.
     Will Call customers - please have material dropped off or delivered to us.
     Artistic Finishes, Inc. 
     ATTN: Floor Plank Receiving 
     2224 Terminal Road 
     St. Paul, MN 55113 
     Tel: (651) 631-2807

*Warning:  Check material for any quality issues before sending it as we will not be responsible for any warping, bending or any other inharent issue that stems from the flooring planks themselves.