Artistic Finishes, Inc.™ warrants to the original purchaser that Artistic Finishes’ moldings, vents, treads and risers will be free of defects in materials and workmanship; however the products are not warranted against excessive force, heavy foot traffic or accidental breakage. Artistic Finishes warrants that its custom, factory applied finish will not chip, peel or wear through to the wood, under conditions of normal residential use, for the period of one full year following installation.  Natural wood characteristics such as mineral streaks, knots and grain variations are to be expected and are not considered defects. This warranty applies to the original purchaser of Artistic Finishes’ factory finished moldings, vents, treads and risers, for residential use, for the duration of the stated warranty period.
If Artistic Finishes’ factory applied finish, chips, peels or wears through to the wood during the warranty period under conditions of normal residential use, Artistic Finishes will, at its option, 1) repair, replace, or refinish the product in the affected area at no cost to the consumer, or 2) refund the purchase price of the damaged. 
This warranty does not cover consequential damages (that is, the cost of repairing or replacing anything other than the product, special, indirect or incidental damages (that is, your loss of time, loss of use, inconvenience, telephone charges, postage or the like related to the warranty claim).  Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the exclusion above may not apply to you.

This warranty is made in lieu of and excludes any other express or implied warranty of any type or kind, particularly any implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, and all other express or implied representations and warranties are hereby disclaimed. 
Artistic Finishes’ unique factory-applied finish is intended to stay intact with only normal nonabrasive cleaning and damp mopping.  No attempt should be made to sand or recoat this factory finished product.  Accordingly, any sanding, top-coating, recoating, or attempted refinishing of Artistic Finishes’ factory-applied finish will invalidate this warranty.
· It is the responsibility of the installer to detect any objectionable differences before installation begins of any Artistic Finishes products. If any such objections in grain or color are detected, the installer must not install the product.  Installed product will not be eligible for a warranty claim.
· Color changes over time resulting from exposure to sunlight or chemicals.  Certain species may darken more than other species when exposed to sunlight.
· When installing Artistic stair treads and risers, the installer must apply a clear sealant (designed to penetrate and seal bare wood) to all wood surfaces cut during the installation process.  If installed without sealant, the warranty is invalid.
· Water damage whether caused by flooding, leaks, wet mopping, excessive ground moisture, infiltration of moisture from sidewalls, other surfaces or other causes.
· Natural wood variations, such as knots, mineral streaks, grain variations and the like, and normal minor differences in the wood shading between flooring and installed product.
· Damage from improper installation, accidents, abuse, cleated shoes, spike heels, failure to use protective caps or pads under furniture legs or wheels, scratches and dents, or any circumstance causing abnormal wear.
· Insect infestation occurring after the product has left our factory.
· Stains including those caused by pets.
No returns will be accepted without prior authorization from Artistic Finishes. To report a claim under this warranty, contact Artistic Finishes’ Returns Department with the completed RGR Form.