Enduracor Product Knowledge Videos

When & When Not to Use Enduracor Track 
Bill Treiber gives you a run down of all of Artistic Finishes' Enduracor profiles, explaining which profiles work with the track and when or when not to use it. 
Laminates Gone High-Tech
Laminates have gone high-tech and Bill Treiber of Artistic Finishes, Inc. will explain to you the characteristics of the new laminate flooring options in the market.
Enduracor Blending Process 
Through this video, Bill Treiber explains our Enduracor blending process and capabilities when receiving a new flooring standard into our library database of colors. 
Enduracor for 2.5mm to 5.5mm
Moldings for 2.5mm to 5.5mm multi-layer floors.
Enduracor Product Knowledge
Learn the ins and outs of our Enduracor WPC Veneer Wrapped products. The current product offering, what it is made of and how we still achieve the blend you are looking for and have come to expect with Artistic Finishes.
Enduracor Product Knowledge
Learn more about our waterproof core product, Enduracor. Floor compatibility, available species, profile offerings and overall function will be covered in this video.
Enduracor Accessories
Learn more about the industries FIRST waterproof core flooring accessory available with the ability to blend to your floors.
Enduracor Cleaning Tips
Bill Treiber shows us how to properly clean and care for Enduracor moldings.