Stair Tread and Riser Install Videos


Engineered Stair Tread Installation Tips
With the introduction of Engineered Treads, Bill Treiber, of Artistic Finishes will share with you some tips to consider when installing this new style of treads.
Stair Tread and Riser Installation
An informative 5 part video that shows how to use a stair jig for measuring the tread length; prep for the cut (measure twice, cut once!); which cuts to make, straight and angled; checking for a snug fit and applying adhesive; and ensure there are zero gaps between the riser and back of the treads.
Stair Jig Tutorial
With many different stair jigs on the market, Bill will share with you his favorite jig and how to properly use it.
Skirtboard Installation
How to determine what size skirt board you should used and when to install/finish the skirtboard when completing an install.
Using Riser Material for Skirtboard
Sourcing the right size of skirtboard material can be cumbersome, but Technical Sales and Education Manager, Bill Treiber, will show you have to use custom ordered riser material as skirtboard.
Stair Stringer Installation
A quick rise vs. run review to determine proper stair tread installation and how to double check that your stair tread and risers will fit properly on the pre-installed stringers.