Vent Product Knowledge Videos


ADA Compliant Accessories
Are you curious which transitions are ADA compliant? Bill Treiber, Artistic Finishes’ Technical Sales & Educational Manager, will explain which of our transitions fall under ADA compliance and which profiles may not.
        Blending Wood Floor Vents to Distressed Floors
Bill will share how to make sure your wood floor vents blend in with your distressed wood floors, and some simple techniques you can use to achieve the look your customer is looking for upon installation.
Wood Vents
Blending floor vents to your floor can be difficult. Jon Namba and Bill Treiber cover the hardwood vent options that Artistic Finishes provides its customers + basic tips when choosing the right vent for the space.
Overlapping Vs. Flush Flooring Accessories
Bill Treiber goes over the importance of knowing when to use an overlap flooring accessory versus a flush flooring accessory.
LVT and LVP Accessories
Learn more about our accessories for Luxury Vinyl Tile and Luxury Vinyl Plank floors.