Wood Molding Install Videos


Color Blending at the Jobsite: Flooring and Moldings
Bill Treiber explains the importance of sorting your flooring on the job-site in order to acheive the best blend between 'the manufacturer's flooring and Artistic Finishesaccessories'.
Engineered Stair Nose Installation
We have designed an engineered stair nose with a modern, square edge. This video will show you how to properly install this stair nose with optional returns on both sides for an open staircase.
Click Stair Nose Installation
Learn three different ways to install Click Stair Nosing. Depending on if the tongue and groove line up or not, Bill will go through how to modify the stair nose to install it properly.
Stair Nose Installation
Our Mini Adjustable Stair Nose is simple to install and is versatile. Learn how to install it to accommodate floor thicknesses from 2mm-20mm from Technical Sales and Marketing Manager, Bill Treiber. 

NWFA Expo Demo Theater - Stair Nose Installation Tips

Learn about stair nose installation techniques from Artistic Finishes’ Technical Sales and Education Manager, Bill Treiber. He covers new products on the market, recommended products for installation, plus tips and tricks to ensure a durable, professional looking stair nosing installation job.